Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Shop Lot for Sale in Johor Bahru

Written by meridinSeptember 8, 2021

Johor Bahru, the second-largest city in Malaysia, offers a myriad culture, a melting pot of new businesses and opportunities. Acting as a gateway to connect to the neighbouring country Singapore and strategically located on the Strait of Malacca, it is on the strike of becoming the most competent business destination and financial hub across the entire country and in the world. New shop lots for sale in Johor Bahru are always in demand for restaurants owners, boutiques, office spaces, and many other business owners. While there is no doubt that business owners and investors are actively seeking windows of new business opportunities due to the uprising property market in Johor Bahru, common mistakes should be avoided when buying shop lots. With the mindset of avoiding the usual pitfalls, you can get to be a part of this exciting city abundant in property market prospects with ease.  

Starting Business Poor Commercial Shop Lot Location

Investing in Johor Bahru shop-lots can be a rewarding and optimal decision to diversify your investment portfolio. However, not knowing the common mistakes may trip up, even to the most experienced investors and buyers. You must see that location of the shop lots is essential as getting a place with inadequate exposure to the public would hurt your business long term capital growth, especially for businesses that require good foot traffic. Location is the key to driving brand visibility. The business will market itself when it provides good accessibility to the customers and widens potential customer groups to have more exposure to your business or service.

Lack of Provision to Your Commercial Shop Lot in Johor Bahru

Eyeing shop lot for sale Johor Bahru can be a lengthy process that requires significant planning to achieve your long-term goal and make your investment worthwhile. One of the questions you might want to ask yourself before looking for commercial property: Will shops be able to accommodate an increase in personnel? Will you be able to have a smooth transition if you plan to take the next move of reselling your shop when property prices are on the rise? It is important to have a plan B if you plan to invest shop lot for sale in Johor Bahru. Having an alternative plan would lead you to a progressive shift to your subsequent investments, brings ease to handle your cash flow, and optimize your overall risk in your portfolio.

Fail to Perform Due Diligence on Commercial Shop Lot For Sale

Not doing your due diligence to the shop lot you invested in before closing would bring inconvenience and disturbance to your physical retailers or your own business. This is the commonality of buying residential and commercial properties in Johor Bahru. Having a full inspection of the entire shop lot, accessing the location, amenities, and target market around the area of your potential business location, and perform a risk assessment to this investment of yours could bring a significant impact to your overall returns and growth of properties.

Insufficiency of Knowledge In Your Estimated Return from Shop Lot in Johor

In some cases, you might fall into the trap of being overly optimistic about your return when investing shop for sale in Johor Bahru. Moreover, you might not know that you have underestimated the expenses and solely projecting your return through the Return-on-Investment indicator before buying shop lots. However, your decision shall not rely on this factor alone as you might overlook other important factors that significantly contribute to your investment. Factors like current occupancy rates, expenses, rental income, property appreciation rate, and cash flow are equally important as they could bring essential insights when you are investing in new shop lots. With all these in mind, Meridin East addresses all the potential difficulties that you might face when buying shop lots in Johor Bahru.

Location is Everything You Need for Your Shop Lot in Johor Bahru

Having a strategically situated location adjacent to the Senai-Desaru Expressway, Pasir Gudang Highway, JB East Coast Highway, Ixora Park City provides your business with maximum accessibility. This commercial centre located in Meridin East offers more than 200 double and triple storey shop lots with over 1800 parking spaces to the community, and it is only 1.5km to the Senai-Desaru Expressway and fronting Jalan Kong Kong that connects to Masai. It smoothly joins the rest of the significant road access in Johor, giving your business the most competitive edge among all surrounding commercial areas to better serve the 530k population in Pasir Gudang and the people in Johor Bahru.  

Meridin East prioritize your business needs by portraying the best image to the public with the high growth culture of the surrounding in Johor Bahru and the booming area of Pasir Gudang. By building constant growing customer traffic through a strategic location and a comprehensive commercial zone with lifestyle mall, shops, petrol kiosks and more, Meridin East offers a full range of dynamics through Ixora Park City when looking for shop-lots for sale in Johor Bahru. It is the only commercial centre located in the centre of 4 mega townships, which are Meridin East, Eco Tropics, Bandar Layangkasa and Scientex Pasir Gudang. Not to mention it served over 13,000 households in Meridin East – the Tudor façade design shop lots in Ixora Park City offers an exquisite commercial zone to your customers for various activities while enjoying the tranquil setting with a back lane garden that is suitable for alfresco. 

Ixora Park City, this all-inclusive commercial centre in Meridin East, unlocks your business’s potentials and increase customer traffics to maximize your business value.

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