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In recent years, residential properties in Johor has seen a spike in demand. This is because of the state’s proximity to Singapore and the affordable prices of these properties. Being close to Singapore presents Johorean with unimaginable access to the neighbouring country, offering various job opportunities and other benefits. Johor. Moreover, residential properties in Johor are sold at an affordable price due to the mismatch between supply and demand. 


One region in Johor that has attracted many homebuyers is Seri Alam. This region is located in the Johor Bahru district of Johor. It offers many residential properties for people to choose from. A Seri Alam property has often been touted as some of the most affordable in the state, and this has drawn many people to search for a house there. 

Even so, there is yet another area close by that offers well-designed lake houses at more affordable prices. If this sounds too good to be true, get ready to be mind-blown. While houses for sale in Seri Alam have often been viewed as desirable, this article will show that homes here are even more so as they successfully unite two contrasting concepts into one. 

Affordable Bandar Seri Alam House for Sale, But At What Cost 

While popular review often considers Seri Alam as an affordable housing region, residential properties here may cost more than you think. Data provided by EdgeProp shows that the sale price of a Seri Alam house for sale can reach up to RM 113,690,700. Moreover, many new development projects happening in the region will push the Seri Alam Johor new property price to RM744,800 and above. 

Aside from the price tag of a Seri Alam property, the population residing in the region has also increased. As such, when you buy a Bandar Seri Alam house for sale, you will not only be paying for the price of the home but also the living conditions. With a large and growing population in the region, you may have to face noisy surroundings regularly, should you choose to live here. 


Meridin East is built on the idea that urban life and nature can be integrated to form something elegant and luxurious. This new township is located in the Eastern Gateway of Iskandar Malaysia, and if you are searching for a Bandar Seri Alam house for sale, you might want to check this place out instead. 

Stretching over an area of 1,313 acres, units in Meridin East are centred on the ideals of merging modern architecture with the beauty of nature. Not only are homes in Meridin East sold at an incredibly affordable price, but they are also surrounded by 500 acres of green landscape to create a relaxing and refreshing living experience. 

Hence, when compared to houses for sale in Seri Alam, homes in Meridin East are ergonomically designed to bring you and your family deeper into nature’s embrace without having to burn a hole in your wallet. 

House For Sale in Meridin East: Perfect Blend of Modern Living and Nature

Carefully built around Mulberry Lake, the units in Meridin East realises the dream of modern living immersed in nature. Compared to Seri Alam properties, homes in Meridin East enable residents to break out from the stress of urban life and be lost in nature’s serenity. Wake up to feel the gentle morning breeze, hear the waters burbling, and listen to joyful chirping as you experience nature’s tranquillity. 

Not only that, properties in Meridin East are designed with a contemporary façade. Whilst being immersed in natural beauty, these houses maintain a modern appearance to give residents a lifestyle type that incorporates the best aspects of these two worlds. 

Live Conveniently, not in Difficulty

Residential properties in Meridin East also offer many popular facilities within reach of residents. Much like Seri Alam properties, this new township is designed with many educational institutions for parents to choose from. Ranging from kindergartens to secondary schools international schools, parents will be spoilt for choice when thinking about their children’s education. 

Additionally, there are many amenities within Meridin East itself to tickle your fancy. You can use the bicycle lane and the jogging track provided to exercise and burn off those calories. Your little ones can also play to their hearts’ content in the playground without having to compete for space. 

Meridin East: A Place to Call Home

In short, properties in Meridin East offer a unique set of lifestyles to those searching for a place to call home. Live in luxurious, modern houses and enjoy the calming embrace of nature, far away from the city. Supported by various packages and financial schemes, you can find many affordable homes here to choose from. So, create treasured memories with Meridin East today. 

So, if you would like to get more about Meridin East, do not hesitate to contact us at 07-291 3218. You can also drop us an email at, and our team will connect you with whatever information you need. 

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