Benefits of Buying A Double or Triple Storey Shop in Pasir Gudang

Written by meridinSeptember 8, 2021

Johor has undertaken a monumental change in the past ten years, and it earns a name known for its thriving economy with cultural diversity and prosperity. Since the urban expansion of Johor, Pasir Gudang was transformed earlier from a small fishermen village into the ideal location to build large scale townships and commercial hubs for the growing population in Johor Bahru. With the accelerated growth in communities, Pasir Gudang attracts investors and buyers from all over the world who have a piece of the pie due to the foreseeable sustainability and opportunities. In particular to brick-and-mortar establishments, retail shops in Pasir Gudang see a significant demand among investors and buyers, especially double storey and triple storey retail shops for sale in Pasir Gudang.

Retail Shop for Sale in Pasir Gudang: To Be A Part of this Prosperous City in Johor

While Pasir Gudang has the leading economic sectors of transportation, logistics, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, and other heavy industries, it caught investors and buyers’ attention to Johor Bahru due to its potential of being a world-class city in economic competitiveness. This encourages investors to increase living quality by building townships and communities to attract buyers to enjoy and experience a modern living lifestyle. 

Retail Shop for Sale in Pasir Gudang: Choosing Your Business Location from Feng Shui Perspective

Whether you believe in Feng Shui, having to be one of the five economy zones in Malaysia, it brings attention to Chinese beliefs in the Feng Shui five element chart. Located at the Eastern Gateway of Iskandar Malaysia, Pasir Gudang is directly adjacent to Singapore and North-South Highway. The constant stream of traffics from North Peninsular Malaysia to the South represents the transport of the economy into the South of Johor Bahru. The development progress in Iskandar Malaysia elevates the standard of living of people in Johor Bahru. It brings extensive growth of commercial buildings and retail shops in Pasir Gudang. Meridin East offers opportunities for you to be part of this profitable economic growth in the Golden Triangle.  

Increase in Urban Population Has Spurred The Growth of Retail Shops For Sale

Investors and buyers are actively seeking retail shops for sale in Pasir Gudang due to the surge of the urban population and the high rate of the local consumers to support the business economy. It is noteworthy that businesses in Pasir Gudang face a lesser impact during the MCO period compare to other areas in Johor Bahru. Especially to local retailers and business owners, Ixora Park City, a brand-new commercial centre located in the centre of 4 mega townships (Meridin East, Eco Tropics, Bandar Layangkasa, Scientex Pasir Gudang), is the best option to open your businesses to have nonstop commerce and highly accessible streets.

Ixora Park City consists of 243 units of double and triple shop offices along with more than 1800 parking spaces. It is also well planned with a lifestyle mall, shops, petro kiosk and more to offer you an exquisite one-stop commercial centre. With the expansion into this new township, you would expect to attract affluent individuals and tourists with money and time to spend as it is the only commercial centre that serves 13,000 households in Meridin East. Having the ease of accessibility and lively neighbourhood, the new retail shop lot in Johor Bahru offers a faster return for your business with higher customer traffic and spending power of the urban population. Not to mention the contemporary lakeside shops, along with the design of the back lane garden that is suitable for alfresco, Meridin East introduce retail shops in Pasir Gudang with forward-thinking ideas that align with its ultramodern designs. Through a Tudor façade design and offers a lakeside commercial zone for various activities, it attracts young business owners and customers to experience and involve an extraordinary lifestyle in this new township.  

Taking Advantage of the Location for The New Retail Shop Lot in Johor Bahru

Location often influences your business’s ability to market itself. Hence, with the aid of having the strategic location advantage, Meridin East brings forth a well-planned layout for its retail shop for sale in Pasir Gudang. Fronting Jalan Kong Kong connecting to Masai, and with just a 1.5km drive to the Senai-Desaru Expressway, Meridin East connects the heart of Iskandar Malaysia to the central locations around Johor Bahru, the booming Pasir Gudang Industrial Hub, Tanjung Langsat Industrial Park, and the rest of the country. 

Besides that, the ready amenities such as being surrounded by major hypermarkets like Giant, Tesco, and Kip Mart, the best medical centres in the city, and schools elevate the value of Meridin East and stand out from all the rest of the retail shops in Pasir Gudang. It offers so much more than just a new township but a rejuvenated concept of community living. 

Retail Shop Pasir Gudang: Encourage Close-Knit Communities with Green Urban-Style Living

Meridin East creates a green urban lifestyle setting in its 1,313-acre mixed development. With the idea of integrating a sustainable community with the residents and retail shop in Pasir Gudang, it outlines the aim of Meridin East to construct a place of green, urban style living. This new commercial centre in Pasir Gudang merges close-knit communities with the modern lifestyle where there is an opportunity to live, shop, work, and play and experience the lush greens all at once. 

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