Introducing the New Housing Project in Pasir Gudang Under RM500K for Effortless Family Living

Written by meridinDecember 19, 2023

Discover a new housing project in Pasir Gudang, where the essence of family living unfolds under the welcoming tag of RM500K. This flourishing neighbourhood is a gem and testament to seamless connectivity, promising residents not just a home but a lifestyle curated for familial bliss.

Here, it appeals to more youngsters and newlywed couples looking for their first home under RM500K, aspiring for affordable home ownership. The emphasis is on providing a lifestyle-oriented, safe, and secured community, especially in the post-pandemic era.

As we delve into the facilities and amenities within this innovative project and its surroundings, including shops, schools, shopping centres, and recreational spaces, it is worth noting that this development has already successfully handed over more than 2,000 units to homebuyers. We envision a haven where modernity meets the idyllic backdrop for children to thrive.

So, if you are part of the demographic searching for a Pasir Gudang new housing project under RM500K, start by exploring the charm of Meridin East’s latest housing developments for affordable family living, where each corner echoes the promise of an effortless, joy-filled life.

Seamless Connectivity in this Latest Property Launch in Pasir Gudang

Pasir Gudang’s intricate network of connectivity offers a seamless interplay of transportation options and well-connected road networks that define the landscape. Enjoy swift access to various destinations through the bustling Pasir Gudang Highway, while Jalan Masai Lama and Jalan Kong Kong weave a pathway for convenient travel. Moreover, the strategic positioning provides easy connections to other key highways, including the Senai-Desaru Expressway and the Eastern Dispersal Link Expressway (EDL), ensuring a comprehensive and efficient transportation experience for residents.

Notably, with this well-connected infrastructure, residents can reach the JB town area or JB CIQ (Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine) in approximately 40 minutes, further enhancing the accessibility of the location.

The Convenience of Amenities Nearby Meridin East New Housing Project

The thriving connectivity is set to be further enhanced with the completion of the new MBPG office in 2025. Besides, the proximity to the Pasir Gudang Industrial Hub ensures an easy daily commute for residents working in the industrial sector, further enriching the convenience of daily life.

Apart from that, the strategic location of Meridin East ensures that essential services are not just accessible but become integral to the daily routine. Schools like SMK Kota Masai, Foon Yew High School Masai and SJK (C) Ladang Grisek are just within a stone’s throw, while shopping centres like Today’s Mall, Lotus’s Kota Masai, Econsave Pasir Gudang and Mydin Seri Alam cater to daily needs. Additionally, KPJ Pasir Gudang and Penawar Specialist Hospital are also within proximity. 

The harmony of convenience and connectivity reaches its zenith in Pasir Gudang’s newest housing project in Meridin East, promising a lifestyle where families flourish effortlessly.

Tranquil Family Living in this New Property Launch in Pasir Gudang

Immerse yourself in the abundance of amenities and facilities that define Meridin East’s new housing projects in Pasir Gudang. Designed with families in mind, Meridin East seamlessly integrates essential elements for a wholesome lifestyle, with options priced under RM500k.

Recreational spaces within Meridin East and its surroundings offer the perfect outlets for families and their neighbours to bond and unwind. Among these, the expansive 9 acres Mulberry Lake Park stands out, providing lush greenery that invites tranquility. 

It offers residents picturesque spaces to unwind and connect with nature. Furthermore, thoughtfully designed playgrounds within the vicinity foster an environment where children can play and forge lasting friendships.

Meridin East offers spaces for residents to come together, celebrate, and build a network of support. Whether it is a gathering of neighbours or a community event, these centres amplify the sense of belonging within the neighbourhood.

Meridin East’s new property launch in Pasir Gudang is more than just residences; it is a harmonious community where every amenity and facility has been thoughtfully curated to enrich the lives of its residents.

Discover Meridin East’s New Property Launch in Pasir Gudang, an Idyllic Family Haven

In the heart of Pasir Gudang, a new landed housing project beckons families with promises of effortless living under RM500K. With this affordable price range, these homes also cater to first-time homebuyers, providing an ideal entry into homeownership. 

Meridin East’s latest addition, the Allamanda, Erica East & Jasmine promises modern convenience, connectivity, and community living. Picture a haven where every road leads to home, where essential services are within reach, and each amenity nurtures a harmonious family lifestyle. 

As you contemplate the most ideal Pasir Gudang house for sale to turn into your dream home, envision the vibrant community, the seamless connectivity, and the tranquillity Meridin East offers.

So, take the first step towards this haven and explore Meridin East, where every detail is crafted for a life of comfort and joy. 

Contact us today and take the first step towards exploring Meridin East and all that it has to offer, where every detail is crafted for a life of comfort and joy. 

Your family’s dream lifestyle awaits in this Pasir Gudang oasis. Visit Meridin East, your key to effortless family living.

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