Questions to Ask Before Looking for a House for Sale in Johor Bahru

Written by meridinSeptember 8, 2021

In the Southern part of Malaysia, Johor welcomes the increasing population as it has experienced rapid growth and development over the years. Specifically in the capital city, Johor Bahru, the development acts as catalysts for demand and opens a new door for immense opportunity for locals and expatriates. As a result, property seekers are looking for a new house for sale in Johor Bahru either for living or as a promising investment.   

Looking for a dream house can be pretty overwhelming and daunting. It does not matter if this is your first time or the nth time – you certainly want to find the best property or a house for sales in Johor Bahru that fits your needs. If you are not well prepared, you could get in so far over your head that you end up broke or stuck in a house that is not a good fit for your lifestyle. Worry not – you can avoid this by asking a few smart questions.

To assist your journey in searching for a new house for sale in JB, here are several questions you need to ask. 

Why Do You Want to Find a New House in Johor?

Due to massive business activities in the vicinity, there is an increasing demand for a property in Johor Bahru. It makes you wonder – why the searching rate for Johor houses for sale is high. The purpose of buying a property may vary from a homebuyer to another. Thus, it would help if you asked these questions yourself. 

Are you looking for a home? Do you want a family home for the future? Is buying likely to be more reasonable than renting? Are you looking to make a good investment?

The answers to these questions will help you understand the kind of Johor house you should look for. Besides, it also provides a rough idea of how much to spend on the house.

If you are not convinced by your answers and make you hesitate, then it probably is not the right time yet to take the plunge. On the other hand, if you are more convinced with your answers to your own questions, it is indeed the right to hunt for a new house for sale in Johor Bahru.

How Much Budget Do You Have for A House

You need to ask yourself the following question before looking for a Johor Bahru house – how much can I afford?

Undeniably, everyone would love to buy a majestic, luxurious bungalow house. However, it is crucial to understand and be clear with your budgetary restrictions right before you dive into house hunting for a new house for sale in JB. Buying a too expensive property for you to support is one of the worst mistakes you could make.

When you ask yourself this question, you can calculate how much you can afford to apply for a housing loan. It also helps to determine whether you can comfortably handle the monthly repayments. According to financial experts, it is best to spend no more than one-third of your total monthly income to pay off your home loan.

Over-stretching you financially to buy a property with a high selling price could be a mistake that can lead to problems in the future. It is advisable to take the time and carefully consider your ideal budget and a realistic price range before looking for a JB house for sale.

Where is the Project Located?

Where do you want to live? It is an obvious question that not many homebuyers remember to ask themselves before searching for a Johor house.

Johor Bahru is a large district comprised of several urban centres – Johor Bahru city, Iskandar Puteri and Pasir Gudang. It is worth noting that the location could be one of the determinant factors on the property’s worth. Thus, it is best to figure out the location before looking for a new house for sale in Johor Bahru. 

Do you want to live in the midst of the hustle and bustle of JB city centre? Do you prefer a house near to nature and lush greeneries landscape? Or you are looking for a suburban housing area with excellent accessibility like Meridin East in Pasir Gudang?

For young professionals, you probably want a place that is closer to your workplace or the city centre. On the other hand, couples with children would prefer a quieter, family-oriented neighbourhood for a JB house.

Regardless, you are encouraged to check out the location on the Johor Bahru map and how the neighbourhood looks like – the surrounding developments, the amenities such as shops, malls, highways and infrastructure provided. It is worth noting that the location of a Johor house plays a crucial role in the home hunting process.

Are You Ready to Buy a New House for Sale in JB?

If you are thinking of purchasing a new house for sale in Johor Bahru, you need to be sure and confident that your financial plan is in place. Check your financial commitment and current situation whether it is the best time to invest in a property. Answering these questions helps you make a smart home purchase and ease your journey of searching for the perfect Johor house.

Meridin East: The Answer That You are Looking For

While looking for an ideal Johor Bahru house, this lakeside township could be the answer you are looking for – Meridin East.

Urbanscape Township in Johor

Meridin East is the epitome of exclusivity and evolution of the urbanscape. It is a sustainable township located in the Eastern Gateway of Iskandar Malaysia that manifests the ideals of a modern luxury lifestyle with a hint of nature embrace. Thoughtfully and purposefully designed to be an escape from the bustling city life, Meridin East is a township with open spaces filled with the beauty of nature – with Mulberry Lake and Maple Embracing Park as the central focus.

Open Facilities & Public Accessibility

With holistic and healthy living in mind, Mulberry Lake is surrounded by a number of facilities with public accessibility. It is well-equipped with open facilities such as a basketball court, barbeque pit and yoga deck that its residents can utilize freely. Plus, every precinct within the Meridin East Township is purposefully planned to incorporate a garden and playground for children to run around safely. 

Easy Access to JB Healthcare Centre & Education Institute

Meridin East is strategic in its location with proximity to multiple healthcare centres such as KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital and the Regency Specialist Hospital. Apart from that, it also offers important access to education as it is near to some of the best schools in the region. Its strategic location provides easy access to educational facilities from kindergarten and primary school to international schools and universities such as UiTM. 

Essential Life Necessities & Grocery

For essential life’s necessities, the Johor house comes with retail convenience. It is only a stone’s throw away from major retailers and groceries like Tesco and Econsave. It is also close to government offices such as the city council office and Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) for hassle-free life. 

Major Road Connectivity

Connectivity is also a top priority in Meridin East. The lakeside township is in a location that is served by the Senai-Desaru Expressway, which seamlessly connects to other major roads in the state, such as JB East Coast Highway and Pasir Gudang Highway.

Financial Scheme & Package For New House in JB

Meridin East offers a cost-effective price range, with financial schemes and packages that make it easy for everyone to afford. With all-rounded facilities provided and full of amenities that fulfil your daily needs, this lakeside home is calling for a lifelong stay. 

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