Home Interior Design Trends: Tips on Making Your House a Stylish Home

Written by meridinOctober 13, 2022

One of the most exciting parts after buying a house is planning interior design and renovation concepts. What colour shades should you go for? What types of furniture should you invest in? Interior design is just so exciting. 

While there are many interior design trends that you can look into, it does come down to your personal preference. However, here are some home interior design trends to check out that might just be something you need to spruce up your home. 

Go for Neutrals for Your Interior Design Concept  

Neutrals, such as shades in the brown or white family, are making their mark as one of the best interior design ideas, and with good reason – it’s an easy colour palette to work with. On top of that, many furniture styles come in neutral tones, making it easy for you to mix and match for your home interior design.

A minimalist approach can go together with this concept idea. Minimalism is all about avoiding the unnecessary. Simplicity, utility and elegance are the three main pillars of minimalism. It’s about embracing the simple thing, believing that ‘Less is More!’. Minimalism uses only a particular selection of things to enhance the design. It pays more attention to quality over quantity, which is suitable for the tone colour that you are choosing.

On top of that, there are now many variations of neutral tones, from pastel brown to beige shades, that you can play with. Neutrals also give off a cosier vibe and are calming for the eyes. 

Drive Interest in Your Interior Design Concept with Wallpaper

Your neutral interior design concept throughout the house can be boring if you don’t inject a little bit of interest here and there. The presence of a featured wall will stand out among your interior design, driving more excitement to your space. There are many different patterned wallpapers on sale that you can choose from to give more liveliness to your interior design concept. 

Among the approaches that can be chosen for your wallpaper is Scandinavian design. Scandinavian represents a lifestyle. Known for its beautiful simple nature, Scandinavian Interior Design combines wooden floors, natural colours and lots of natural light. With a rich history of simplicity and craftmanship, Scandinavian design features soft pastel, clean lines and natural raw elements that you can include in your wallpaper. 

Additionally, wallpaper is especially beneficial for kids’ rooms or play areas as when they grow up, you can always just tear it off and replace it with another one. 

Bring in the Calm to Your Home Interior Design with Greenery

Greenery within your home brings a sense of tranquillity while also making your space more wholesome with good energy. It also adds texture and beauty to your interior home design.

Including Farmhouse Interior Design Style is also a great idea. This design allows you to connect with nature because it adapts a great deal of organic and natural materials in the furniture design. The Farmhouse Interior Design combines these aspects and produces a farmhouse-like vibe in an urban household surrounded by concrete. 

You can also use real plants for your interior design, where you can choose from various species at your nearest nursery, or go for the fake plants that will always look good (but will need a wipe down once in a while). However, make sure to have different plant sizes so that it doesn’t look too simple. 

Look for Stand-out Pieces to Make Your Interior Design Less Boring

Home interior design is not just about the furniture – it’s also about the decor. With decor, you can easily liven up your home interior design with simple items such as a unique vase, a painting, or even photo frames of your favourite moments. 

Art Deco Interior Design’s strong look can add more fascinating style to your house. The bold, fluid design elements, symmetrical motifs and clear layouts made Art Deco one of the best styles you can choose from. Among the regularly occurring motifs that you can choose for your art, deco-inspired furniture or accessories are trapezoidal shapes, zigzag patterns, chevron patterns, stepped forms and sweeping curves.

You can experiment with different decor shapes or styles to contrast it with other pieces around your home – these drive more interest into your home interior design and make it less mundane. 

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