Reinvent Spaces. Enhance Life.

This is the new us; the new logo demonstrates our commitment to change, for the better.

As we move to the next chapter in our corporate growth, we want to do more. Now, in everything we do, we want to first “enhance life”. We care for the people, the environment and the world at large.
We will recreate, innovate and push the boundaries of our products to
re-invent spaces that exceed expectations. All aspects of space planning, interior layout, and community development have to be functional and provide better quality of life.

Reinvent : recreate / innovate / raise the bar / push boundaries
Space : living spaces / work spaces / business spaces / social and community spaces
Enhance : improve / add value
Quality of life : standard of living

With the new vision Inventing Future Living That Enhances Quality of Life, we instill a new mindset that will permeate everything we do.

“As we put on a new look, we rethink our purpose. We want to be a meaningful corporation for now and the future. Now, in everything we do, we want to first enhance life. We want to ensure all live well; our customers, our people and our stakeholders.”

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum, Founder & General Managing Director.

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